A whole new generation of healthy food

The ever-growing population of our planet leads to an equally growing need for food. As a result, the demand for fish and meat products will double over the next 10 years. However, there’s one major problem: The Earth is too small. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Discover how insect products can become a safe and sound future for our food chain.

Can you tell the difference?

We conducted several blindfolded taste experiments in which our subjects got to taste the same product twice: One product with processed insects, and one product without. As it turns out, nine out of ten participants preferred the insect-containing product over the regular product!

This is why insect products are something special

Discover the health benefits of insect food. Get informed about what it can do for farmers worldwide and get to know how we can enjoy insect products as true delicacies.

High quality food

Insects are nutritious because they’re full of healthy proteins and because they contain essential amounts of fatty acids, linoleic acid being one of them. Moreover, insect food contains valuable micro-nutritients like iron, vitamin A, B2 and D.

A lot of insect species contain the essential amino acids as recommended by the World Health Organisation guidelines. Besides, the digestibility of insect proteins is high (between 70 and 90%). The fat content varies between 8 to 65 grams per 100 grams dry-weight.

Sustainable and environmental-friendly

The combination of strong food conversion rates and high fertility means that the true conversion of insect food is 20 times higher when compared to cattle. Besides, the zero emission of ammonia during production processes is a strong ecological benefit.

The production of insect food requires less farmland, meaning that agricultural areas could make way for the development of ecological corridors. The mass-production of insects could provide an alternative source of income for farmers worldwide.

A delicacy in itself

Every insect species has its own specific taste. In the US, grasshoppers, sometimes called ‘landshrimps’, are served as a delicacy in restaurants. They actually taste like crispy shrimps. On the other hand, mealworms taste more like popcorn.

The culinary opportunities for insect food are endless. This is also a result of the fact that in many countries, insects are being served as a delicacy, which encourages the cook to be even more creative when using insects for meals.

Strict quality requirements

Our insects are being bred in carefully controlled processes using PDV-certified food. Our strict hygiene and quality requirements means that we successfully pass frequent audits conducted by the Dutch Food Authority.

All of our insect products comply to the VENIK quality certificate and there is zero use of medicines or growth activators. This means that all of our products already meet European regulations. The result of our quality measures is that the risk of human diseases has been reduced to a minimum.

The different use cases in a row

The application of valuable ingredients from insect products brings a range of opportunities to different industries.


Food products

Using insect products as food comes with lots of health benefits. Besides, insects are hygienic and they form a sustainable source of food. What’s more, The production processes used significantly decrease the environmental pressure. Using insect products makes way for a food chain that is ready for the future. Among the places where you’ll see our products being used are ecological food stores, delicacy-stores, supermarkets or in restaurants, where they’ll be served as a starter or dessert.


Food processing

Insect products contain rich amounts of valuable nutrients like proteins. It is for this reason that our products can be a healthy addition when being processed in conventional food products. Among the possible applications are instant-meals, soups, sauces, bread or pastries. Or processed meat like hamburgers, ground meat or ham. For the health branche, ingredients of insect food can be an important addition for energy bars,protein-shakes or sport drinks.


Pharmaceutics and other industries

What makes insect products unique is the fact that they’re a valuable source of fibres. Chitin is an common fibre present in insects. It is known that this particular fibre contains anti-viral, anti-allergic and anti-tumoral characteristics. This makes chitin an interesting ingredient for the application in different kinds of markets and industries. Other than the pharmaceutical industry, chitin is highly useful in bio-medical applications, packaging materials and water treatment.

The next-generation food chain is here.

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