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Freeze dried mealworms contain great health benefits. Insects itself are very nutritious; they are full of healthy proteins and essential fatty and amino acids. They are also easy digestible and have a very low fat range, which makes them ideal for low-fat diets. Fair Insects offers you these nutritious delicacies from the best Dutch insect breeders. We do not only sell insects for consumption, we also process insects in (semi)finished products for pharmaceutical use and human consumption like protein shakes, energy bars and sports drinks.

Freeze dried mealworms from Fair Insects

The Dutch insect breeders we work with, are all situated in the province of North Brabant and have over 60 years of working experience. They all comply to the strict quality requirements, so that we can offer you the best quality freeze dried mealworms and other freeze dried insects or insect food. In the production process, there is no use of medicines or growth activators and zero emission of ammonia.

Great taste

Besides the compliance to strict quality requirements and the sustainable production process, our insects such as freeze dried mealworms have a great taste. Its neutral and subtle nut-like taste offers chefs great creativity to use insects in many types of meals. Do you want to know more about our freeze dried mealworms and other insect food? Please contact us by calling +31 (0)493-322833.

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