Fair Insects

Freeze dried insects have a great taste and can be used in many types of dishes. Every insect species has its own specific taste, but all insects have a subtle and neutral nut-like taste. This allows chefs to be very creative when using insects in their meals. In many restaurants insects are being served as a delicacy. Fair Insect sells these delicacies for consumption, but also processes freeze dried insects in (semi)finished products for, for example, pharmaceutical use and human consumption purposes like sports drinks.

Fair Insects: high quality freeze dried insects

We distinguish ourselves by offering only high quality products. To guarantee you the best quality freeze dried insects, we work with Dutch insect breeders with over 60 years of experience. They all meet the strict quality requirements. In the production process of our insect products, there is zero emission of ammonia and low environmental pressure. The production of insect food also requires less farmland and provide an alternative source of income for farmers all around the word.

A delicacy in itself

Besides the sustainable and environmental-friendly characteristics, our freeze dried insects have a great taste. They are a true delicacy in itself. If you want to know more about our freeze dried insects, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31 (0)493-322833.

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