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Freeze dried grasshoppers are not only suitable for human consumption, they also have a great taste. Grasshoppers are often called ‘land shrimps’ in the US and are served as a delicacy in many restaurants. They thank their name to their shrimp-like taste. You can buy freeze dried grasshoppers at Fair Insects. Fair Insects is a joint venture of Dutch insect breeders in the province of North Brabant. We offer you different types of insects and (semi)finished products for pharmaceutical use and human consumption with processed insects.

Freeze dried grasshoppers that meet strict quality requirements

The Dutch insect breeders we work with, all have over 60 years of experience in breeding insects. They all comply to strict quality requirements, so that we can offer you the best quality insects and insect products. Our freeze dried grasshoppers for example, do not only have great taste and are of high quality, they are also very nutritious. They are full of essential nutritional acids and proteins, are easy digestible and are ideal for low-fat diets.

The next-generation food chain

We believe in the next-generation food chain with our edible insects like freeze dried grasshoppers and other insect products. Are you interested in our business or do you want to know more about our production process and products? Then you can contact us by calling +31 (0)493-322833.

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