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Edible mealworms have a great taste and can be used in lots of dishes. In many countries, edible mealworms and other insects are a true delicacy. Lots of restaurants serve creative meals containing insects. Fair Insects sells these insects and is a joint venture of insect breeders in the Dutch province of North Brabant. We do not only sell edible mealworms and other insect food. We also process insects into (semi)finished products for pharmaceutical use and human consumption.

Edible mealworms: full of proteins

Our edible mealworms fit perfectly in a low-fat diet. They are easily digestible and are full of proteins and essential nutritional acids. Besides the health benefits of insects, they also have a great taste. Every insect species has its own specific taste, but most insects have a subtle nut-like taste. This is why insects go great with many other ingredients. Edible mealworms actually taste like popcorn and can be used creatively in many dishes.

Strict quality requirements

Our edible mealworms and other insect food meet strict quality requirements. They are being bred in carefully controlled processes using PDV certified food. We successfully pass frequent audits conducted by the Dutch Food Authority and all our insect products comply to the VENIC quality certificate. When you want to know more about our edible mealworms and other insect food, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31 (0)493-322833.

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