Produced in carefully laid out processes that meet strict hygiene and quality requirements.


Full of healthy proteins with a nutritional value comparable to pork and beef.


Environmental-friendly due to higher fertility rates, productional conversion and lack of emission of ammonia.


Endless culinary opportunities because of its subtle nut-like taste.

Fair Insects presents

A crawling food chain. Healthier than ever before.

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About us

Fair Insects promotes, sells and processes insects into (semi)finished products for human consumption and pharmaceutical use.

Fair Insects differentiates itself through high-quality products. This is made possible by strong co-operation with research institutes combined with many decades of experience in the breeding of insects. Fair Insects exclusively operates with breeders who comply to strict quality requirements. For Fair Insects, this foundation creates a significant competitive advantage in the market of commercial insect (semi)products. The result is a highly efficient breeding process that allows us to sell healthy products at a fair price.

Advantages of Fair Insects

  • Full of proteins and essential nutritional acids.
  • Zero use of medicines or growth activators.
  • Low environmental pressure and zero emission of ammonia.
  • Its subtle and neutral nut-like taste makes insects a delicious culinary alternative.
  • Ultra-hygienic production processes that are compliant to governmental requirements.
  • Easily digestible and ideal for low-fat diets.

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